Testimonials for CloudKettle

We have been fortunate to work with some great people – here is what they have to say about our work. 

“We reached out to CloudKettle because our Salesforce instance had been a series of internal patchwork efforts and we needed a major overhaul. It was obvious from our first call that CloudKettle knows what they’re doing. They think about every detail in order to execute and build the most efficient system and workflows possible. Not only can they get in the weeds, but they’ve helped us think strategically to achieve our goals.”

Kylee Hall – VP, Marketing, Skillz Inc.

Kylee Hall

“CloudKettle’s training and expertise were essential to mapping out a systematic sales process to support WoodsCamp today and as we scale. As a marketplace working in an environment of complex customer relationships that requires simultaneous B2C and B2B sales strategies they committed the extra time to make sure the training and tools fit what we would actually need. It was also really valuable to be working with a team that has actually done it before. Knowing that they have been in trenches of early startup life as founders and have also worked with some of the largest companies, made a huge difference in trusting their advice. After working with CloudKettle I feel like I am standing on a solid foundation to lead our sales process now and I know I’ll be calling on them again as we grow.”

Will Martin – Co-founder, WoodsCamp

Will Martin Co-founder Of WoodsCamp

“We are at a stage where we need to develop a more strategic marketing and sales strategy that will increases the number of new leads we generate each week, decrease the cost per lead, and increase sales. The CloudKettle team introduced us to the power of integrating a number of marketing and sales tools that will be a game changer for us.”

Darren Piercey – Founder & CEO, CyberPsyc Software Solutions Inc.

Darren Piercey

“Recently we used CloudKettle to help our CRM migration from HubSpot over to Salesforce. Despite the API limitation of HubSpot on the CRM side (as well as some wonkiness in our data) the guys at CloudKettle were able to quickly and accurately migrate our data over to our new Salesforce instance. Their work not only saved us numerous headaches from doing it ourselves but came in under the budget we had allocated for this endeavour.”

Dan Stratton – Director of Marketing, Affinio

Dan Stratton Headshot

“We engaged CloudKettle to assist with the merger of two Salesforce instances. CloudKettle did a fantastic job. The planning was detailed and considered all aspects to ensure success, the execution was flawless, and their support and follow through was exceptional. I was travelling on go-live day and proof of success was speaking with users from both user groups who barely noticed the change.”

I would highly recommend CloudKettle.
Dwayne Primeau – GM, Northern Business Intelligence

Dwayne Primeau

“CloudKettle’s assistance to Mdina has been transformational. Their razor-sharp insights into marketing and sales coupled with their extensive knowledge of social media trends and IT tools has positioned us to grow quickly. We’ve had numerous consultants advise us in these areas and the difference in value gained for budget spent is pretty much zero compared with the impact CloudKettle has had on our company. Incredible to work with a team who really knows what they are doing and is able to focus that knowledge on our specific industry requirements.”
Cynthia Spraggs – CEO, Mdina Enterprises Ltd.

Cynthia Spraggs

“CloudKettle’s hands-on help in refining our message and persona, improving our marketing resources and guiding the focus areas for redesign of our website has been invaluable. CloudKettle’s experience and collaborative approach has expedited the process and given us insight that will greatly assist our marketing efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend CloudKettle and look forward to continuing to benefit from their wealth of applied marketing knowledge going forward.”
Adrian Bentley – CEO, Analyze Re

Adrian Bentley Analyze Re

“CloudKettle is one of the rare companies that understand the whole cycle of marketing and selling technology online and how the use of CRMs and marketing automation tools maximize revenue. If you are selling products online – you need CloudKettle.”

Milan Vrekic – Founder at Zora

Milan Vrekic

“Swept is growing quickly and we need to surround ourselves with people who understand what we are going through. We refuse to have someone slap us on the back and say we are doing a great job when it is clear we can improve. CloudKettle is able to cut through the fluff, help us pin down key messaging and keep sales team members focused and hunting effectively. They challenge us to think bigger, sell more, and move faster. CloudKettle is part of the Swept team.”

Michael Brown – CEO, Swept

Michael Brown Clean Simple Headshot

“From the minutiae to the big picture, CloudKettle understands marketing and sales – how to find and nurture prospects, and exceed sales targets. They are focused, driven and brilliant. When you choose to work with them, be ready to exceed your own expectations.”

Mary Jane Copps – The Phone Lady

Mary Jane The Phone Lady

“The Starting Lean cohorts are made up of bright and talented founders, but they often lack real-world sales and marketing experience. The StartUp Bootcamp: Sales and Marketing by the Numbers curriculum has helped lay a foundation for success with these companies and prepared them to sell to customers and investors.”

Mary Kilfoil – Academic Lead, Starting Lean Initiative

Mary Kilfoil Headshot

“The biggest challenge we see with early-stage companies is a lack of Sales and Marketing preparedness. CloudKettle delivers a hands-on workshop that solves this challenge. Participants finish the program with their CRM setup, and a clear understanding of the activities required to generate interest, leads and sales. We believe early-stage companies benefit greatly from taking StartUp Bootcamp: Sales & Marketing by the Numbers.”

Rob Barbara – General Partner, Build Ventures

Rob Barbara Headshot

“The Sales and Marketing Bootcamp was great. The amount of knowledge gained over weekend was so valuable. The hands on approach allowed for the learning to be applied directly to my business, integrated and ready to go by Monday. Being in a busy start up, where time is of significant value, I found this course to be excellent not just in knowledge gained but the hands on learning approach.”

Moses Robicheau – Cofounder, Addo

Moses Robichaud Headshot

“CloudKettle provided extremely practical, actionable information. It was different than other marketing workshops because we left with the tools running and configured. The staff member who accompanied me saw how this marketing fit into our larger lead generation and qualification processes. It was a boiled down, no-nonsense approach to marketing with usable formulas and one-on-one attention. I hate weekend-wasting workshops and even I recommend this one with two thumbs up. ”

Mark Hobbs – Partner, Fundmetric

Mark Hobbs Head Shot

“I would recommend the Sales & Marketing Workshop to any startup company. Being a Software as a Service company it really helped us not just understand all the necessary elements to run a successful digital business, but also gave us hands on practical tools to take our business to the next level. It is the TOP Sales & Marketing workshop in the region and we were extremely fortunate to be a part of it with Pet Konekt.”

Justin Javorek – Founder, Pet Konekt

Justin Javorek Headshot

“CloudKettle’s understanding of CRM, marketing automation, and demand generation have truly set them apart from their peers and allowed sales teams to flourish. CloudKettle are marketers who keeps sales success as a primary focus and doesn’t get caught up in analytics for the sake of reporting. This has allowed them to make a substantial impact on not just the overall sales and marketing process, but top line revenue as well.”

Adam Draper – Director of Sales at Introhive

Adam Draper

“CloudKettle’s 3 day workshop for startups teaches you the must-knows of marketing and sales. Then, it is up to you where to dive in deep and implement the tools and tactics which will work for your company. Being a technical founder, I found it very valuable to see all the options we can work with at topLog.”

Ozge Yeloglu – Co-founder, TopLog

Ozge Yeloglu

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