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Sales and Marketing by the numbers for startups

A three-day, intensive training program for startup founders and leaders.

This workshop, sponsored by incubators and accelerators, is designed to help cohorts understand the importance of sales and marketing, and lay a solid foundation for revenue growth. Each workshop has two facilitators, providing up to 30 hours of hands-on training for 4-6 qualified companies.

The Core Curriculum

During the three day workshop, participants learn:

  • Why the early implementation of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool is important for startup and early-stage companies
  • How to begin using a CRM
  • Best practices for effective use of CRM solutions
  • How CRM solutions integrate with other tools to accelerate marketing, support, and sales activities

Participants also learn:

  • The basics of marketing automation and how it ties marketing activities such as advertising and content to sales
  • The basics of content creation, syndication and how to produce content that will generate leads and help close sales
  • What a sales funnel is, why to measure it, and how to move prospective sales targets from one stage to the next
  • The sales lifecycle and how to use a CRM and marketing automation to shorten the length of time it takes to move a prospect through it

Startup Value

Hands-on Training

This workshop is unique in how hands-on it is. For almost every hour of theory, there is an hour of practice. Over the three days each participating company builds out their customized CRM, adds leads to it, creates call scripts, develops content and leaves, not with just advice, but actual tools, and digital copies of all resources they can refer back to when needed.

Community of Peers

Participants become part of a growing community of alumni who have taken the workshop. This network of peers provide an excellent source of information and real-life experience to new participants.

Ensuring Value is Delivered

We believe in constant, continuous improvement. That is why we survey each company that attends the workshop three times. The first time is in advance of the workshop, so we can assess the cohort and customize the workshop modules for the group. The second is a week after the workshop and the final survey takes place 6 months later. This feedback helps ensure that every workshop is better than the last and that the work we do together evolves as quickly as the companies we help.

Survey data isn’t just for CloudKettle’s use. After each workshop, we present the results to the sponsors so they know what value their companies gained over the weekend and what other areas they may need a helping hand.

Wondering how we can help improve startups’ Sales and Marketing?

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