How CloudKettle can help with your SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve the amount of quality traffic that a site generates is a multidisciplinary exercise. It includes analytics, targeted content creation, social activity, changes to websites’ infrastructure, testing of keywords with paid search and acceleration of strategic content’s share-ability with paid social.

But it is about more than just getting more traffic. SEO, when done well, is focused on improving the quality of the traffic that reaches a site. Thousands of visits mean nothing if they aren’t from a desirable audience; one who is likely the buy your product. Achieving this requires a sophisticated and integrated web analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

To be honest, it isn’t exciting and it involves a lot of spreadsheets and math. But hey – we love that stuff. Here’s more on how we help organizations improve the amount of quality traffic they attract to their site.

Analytics and SEO Tools

It isn’t as simple as just firing up Google Analytics. True SEO work involves collecting, collating and analyzing data from a large number of sources. It includes the use of Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Adwords and other data collection tools. Then we combine all that data, clean it and crunch it to identify great opportunities for you.

Audiences and Architecture

Like any type of marketing exercise, SEO success depends on targeting a carefully pre-defined audience and having a set of goals defined for that audience.

SEO performance is not universal. How a page or site ranks for a particular keyphrase is as individual as the computer and user typing the search query into Google, Bing or another search engine. Their location, language, search history, even the device they are using impacts what they will see..

Site architecture also plays an important role in SEO performance. We help organizations identify http errors, slow page load speeds, javascript problems and inefficient use of sitemaps that might yield low hanging fruit for SEO performance improvements.


We provide training and advice on what content topics and types of content will have the greatest positive impact on the volume and quality of traffic a website generates and how to create content that not only attracts traffic, but reengages it as it moves through the consideration and conversion funnel. Teaching SEO best practices is a must in helping organizations create useful, original, conversion-friendly content and it is part of every SEO engagement we do.

This training includes advice on content length, where to place keyphrases, how to use images and videos, tags, meta data and even outbound links to improve the quality of each piece you post to your site.

Wait there is more

And that isn’t all folks, there are dozens of other things we measure and consider when helping you improve the amount of quality visits your site attracts. Visitor engagement, inbound links, competitor’s sites and the list goes on.

Sound Scary?

It doesn’t have to be. Creating great content and ensuring it has a home on a Google-friendly site is what it boils down to. We take care of the heavy lifting, crunching of data and hours of spreadsheeting. Allowing you to write great content that your future customers will search for, read and want to know more about.

Wondering how we can help drive more qualified traffic to your website?

Kylee Hall

“We reached out to CloudKettle because our Salesforce instance had been a series of internal patchwork efforts and we needed a major overhaul. It was obvious from our first call that CloudKettle knows what they’re doing. They think about every detail in order to execute and build the most efficient system and workflows possible. Not only can they get in the weeds, but they’ve helped us think strategically to achieve our goals.”

Kylee Hall – VP, Marketing, Skillz Inc.

Will Martin

“CloudKettle’s training and expertise were essential to mapping out a systematic sales process to support WoodsCamp today and as we scale. As a marketplace working in an environment of complex customer relationships that requires simultaneous B2C and B2B sales strategies they committed the extra time to make sure the training and tools fit what we would actually need. It was also really valuable to be working with a team that has actually done it before. Knowing that they have been in trenches of early startup life as founders and have also worked with some of the largest companies, made a huge difference in trusting their advice. After working with CloudKettle I feel like I am standing on a solid foundation to lead our sales process now and I know I’ll be calling on them again as we grow.”

Will Martin – Co-founder, WoodsCamp

Darren Piercey

“We are at a stage where we need to develop a more strategic marketing and sales strategy that will increases the number of new leads we generate each week, decrease the cost per lead, and increase sales. The CloudKettle team introduced us to the power of integrating a number of marketing and sales tools that will be a game changer for us.”

Darren Piercey – Founder & CEO, CyberPsyc Software Solutions Inc.