salesforce revenue stack managment

We Manage Your Entire Lead Capture to Renewal Salesforce Stack

After working with SaaS companies for the last decade, we’ve seen the same scenario time and time again: Salesforce, Marketing Automation, Customer Support and Billing tools – poorly integrated, unoptimized and unsecure. Over time, managing our client’s revenue technology stacks has become a routine part of our business.

That experience was the inspiration for this service. For a flat monthly fee we manage and optimize your Salesforce Revenue Stack.

What is the Salesforce Revenue Stack?

Your Salesforce Revenue stack is the integrated set of tools that drives leads to your website, converts those leads, hands them to Marketing Automation so they can be nurtured, pushes them into the CRM for Sales to manage and finally hands them off to Customer Success and Support to ensure renewals. For many of our clients a simplified view of this might look like WordPress to Hubspot or Pardot to Salesforce to, with a tool like Zoura or Chargify at the end of the trail. In short, the Revenue Stack is the machinery that gets prospects to your site, converts them to leads, preps them for Sales and ensures they renew as happy customers with big LTV’s. The promised land of Negative Churn.

Stop Wasting Money

An average SaaS company spends tens of thousands of dollars a year on the products that make up their Revenue Stack. Problematically, companies don’t spend time and money customizing, improving, and securing these SaaS products to optimize that investment.

This is a risk for many reasons (like data leakage, and high employee turn over), but it’s also a huge lost opportunity to decrease Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), increase sales and decrease churn.  

What we Offer:

Monitoring and Maintenance

We proactively monitor your Salesforce instance and other integrated stack tools, identifying security risks, preparing you for releases, and suggesting improvements based on industry best practices and what we see working best across our portfolio of clients. All the while ensuring the end-to-end system that has been built is integrated properly and stays connected. 

Customizations that SaaS companies need

We have over a decade of experience developing custom features and integrations for B2B SaaS companies. Our team will tailor your instance to suit your company’s needs and maximize your investment in Salesforce, Marketing Automation and Customer Success. We know how to best help you track CAC, MRR, ARR, LTV, how to integrate Salesforce with your product and how to proactively notify Sales of customers well suited to be upsold and Customer Success of those at risk to churn.

Optimize and Revitalize

Most high-growth SaaS companies start building and scaling a Sales team, but don’t invest in improving Salesforce along the way. We’ll help tailor Salesforce to scale to where you plan to be in 6 and 12 months. Helping you track quota attainment, performance and where gaps in your pipeline may be creeping through. We reinvigorate your under-utilized system by recommending new ways to enhance design, including:

  • Analyzing what custom fields are being used (or not) and suggesting changes to layouts to make team members more efficient
  • Putting in place automations to increase user’s productivity
  • Implementation of features like Quotas, Hierarchies and Custom Layouts so your organization gets more out of Salesforce each day
  • Improving the existing integrations you have and making suggestions on what new ones can be built with products your team is already using every day

Overall, getting you more value out of the Salesforce, Marketing Automation and Customer Support and Success tools you’re already paying for.

Why wouldn’t we do it internally?

The average annual salary for a Salesforce administrator in the US is almost $90,000. If you are in a high demand area like San Francisco or New York, the cost is much higher. That is just a Salesforce Administrator – you also need the services of a Salesforce Developer and then experts to build and maintain your Marketing Automation platform, your Customer Support platform and all the other tools you have integrated. Even for companies with a hundred Salesforce licences, hiring all those internal resources often doesn’t make financial sense. Even if it does make sense, it’s difficult to find certified Salesforce Developers and Administrators to do the work (not to mention experts in the other tools in your Revenue Stack). And those potential hires don’t have the benefit of building and maintaining systems across multiple B2B SaaS companies and sharing those learnings with each one.

Why CloudKettle? Why now?

You likely have investors and they have demands. You have customer acquisition numbers, revenue targets and pipeline goals that are going to be tough to meet. You need an expert to help you and you need that help fast. Local talent is tough or impossible to find and you are missing out on new MRR as each day goes by. We can help.

What’s the catch?

No catch really. We are a boutique agency, so before we commit to a relationship we’ll want to get to know each other. You’ll (hopefully) decide that we aren’t jerks, we’ll (hopefully) decide that you aren’t jerks and that is important, because we are going to be talking a lot. That aside, you must be currently using or upgrading to the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce to participate in this program. Why? Because the Enterprise Edition (instead of the Professional Edition) contains many features that we know you need in order for us to maximize the value we deliver to you.

Speak to a Salesforce Expert today! 

Kylee Hall

“We reached out to CloudKettle because our Salesforce instance had been a series of internal patchwork efforts and we needed a major overhaul. It was obvious from our first call that CloudKettle knows what they’re doing. They think about every detail in order to execute and build the most efficient system and workflows possible. Not only can they get in the weeds, but they’ve helped us think strategically to achieve our goals.”

Kylee Hall – VP, Marketing, Skillz Inc.

Will Martin

“CloudKettle’s training and expertise were essential to mapping out a systematic sales process to support WoodsCamp today and as we scale. As a marketplace working in an environment of complex customer relationships that requires simultaneous B2C and B2B sales strategies they committed the extra time to make sure the training and tools fit what we would actually need. It was also really valuable to be working with a team that has actually done it before. Knowing that they have been in trenches of early startup life as founders and have also worked with some of the largest companies, made a huge difference in trusting their advice. After working with CloudKettle I feel like I am standing on a solid foundation to lead our sales process now and I know I’ll be calling on them again as we grow.”

Will Martin – Co-founder, WoodsCamp

Darren Piercey

“We are at a stage where we need to develop a more strategic marketing and sales strategy that will increases the number of new leads we generate each week, decrease the cost per lead, and increase sales. The CloudKettle team introduced us to the power of integrating a number of marketing and sales tools that will be a game changer for us.”

Darren Piercey – Founder & CEO, CyberPsyc Software Solutions Inc.