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Salesforce Migrations, Salesforce Mergers, Salesforce Clean ups

How did we end up here?

At some point you had a plan. Your instance of the Salesforce Sales Cloud reflected your sales process, your roadmap and things were going smoothly. But then you started growing quickly, new staff were hired, your sales process changed, perhaps you even acquired a company or two along the way. Now your salespeople and other employees complain about how the CRM slows them down and that it isn’t reporting the information your investors and leadership team demand.

Sound familiar? Good news, you aren’t the first to face these problems and we are here to help.

Hubspot to Salesforce Migrations

The Hubspot CRM has been getting a lot of buzz with startups because it is free, configuration is simple and the User Interface (UI) is clean. Unfortunately if you have a sales team with managers, sell in multiple currencies, need to be able to report on your pipeline, have a focus on renewals or require integrations with 3rd party tools like accounting systems, support platforms or your own product (if you are a SaaS company), its limitations can quickly stunt your company’s performance.

Migrating from Hubspot to Salesforce (or any CRM to Salesforce) can be risky if not done by an experienced professional. As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner that also has Hubspot Certified experts on staff, we will ensure your data integrity, that your new instance of Salesforce is configured so you can maximize its value and minimize or eliminate downtime for your sales team as the migration from the Hubspot CRM to Salesforce Sales Cloud takes place. 

Merging Salesforce Instances

When two organizations merge, one organization is acquired by another or multiple departments in the same organization are using separate instances of Salesforce Sales Cloud, it often makes sense to merge Salesforce instances. Doing so allows Leadership, Finance, Accounting and other departments to better understand organization-wide performance results and be able to improve them. There are also cost efficiencies when everyone company-wide has one, real-time source of truth instead of having to cobble together information from multiple places. You might even save money by reducing the total number of Salesforce licenses required.

Merging multiple Salesforce instances is complex and can be time-consuming. Salesforce Registered Consulting Partners like CloudKettle understand how to coach clients on what data and processes should be merged, but also how to use Salesforce features like Roles, Profiles, Record Types and Processes to ensure that visibility of data is limited to those who need it and multiple organizations or departments can still use the individual sales processes and custom fields that make sense to them. CloudKettle provides the coaching and experience needed to make the merger process a seamless one for your team.

Salesforce Clean Ups and Upgrades

CRM’s can get messy, fast. Many Salesforce implementations also fail to take off at the outset, or slowly degrade over time. Perhaps employees were never trained properly at launch, or maybe the internal champion left the organization and excitement for Salesforce went with it. Many startups we work with even have the enviable problem that their pace of growth and evolution of their sales process has simply outpaced what their initial Salesforce deployment was meant for.

Whatever the reason, many organizations need help kickstarting an existing Salesforce implementation back into high gear. The money has been invested, the licenses purchased and you know you need Salesforce to operate effectively. Why not get help to put your project back on track?

Wondering how we can help you get more value our of Salesforce?

Brian Goldfarb

"I initially engaged CloudKettle only to audit our Revenue Stack but found they could drive change across the organization based on their roadmap. I see CloudKettle as a trusted advisor to me and my team and they regularly provide actionable advice to my team. For me they bring the right combination of hands on keyboard execution for demand generation, marketing and sales operations coupled with strategic advice and direction. CloudKettle is a seamless part of our team, from strategy to execution - they treat our budgets, leads, and opportunities as if they were their own."

Brian Goldfarb, CMO Splunk

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultants, Administrators, Platform Developers and part of the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

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