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Salesforce for startups

Why Startups Need Salesforce

Over our years of experience working at fast growing startups we learned the value of a CRM that can scale quickly and integrate with the tools we already used every day. Products you too are probably already using; like Slack, Intercom, Heroku, Gmail and Google Docs.

Fast growing companies need real-time access to information about sales performance, the ability to provide seamless customer support and a tool that can span the entire organization, from sales, to marketing, to customer success to finance.

Salesforce provides all of this in one place. Plus because it has a robust API, it can even integrate with your SaaS product, ensuring the data you have about your users, like how often the log in, what features they use and who is at risk of churning, is available in real-time for your customer success, support and sales teams.

Why Use CloudKettle to Implement Salesforce

We specialize in helping startups build their sales pipeline and their sales, marketing and support teams. CloudKettle President Greg Poirier has worked at three startups, including Radian6 (since acquired by Salesforce) and we spend a lot of time mentoring and coaching startups in our area.

We don’t just specialize in working with startups, we love working with startups. We understand what it is like to have limited time and resources but still need to build enough sales pipeline to feed a rapidly growing team. When you work with CloudKettle you get a sales, marketing, support and customer success stack built around Salesforce that will scale as you do. We remove the clutter, we are realistic about your needs and we deliver on time.

CloudKettle clients have closed tens of millions of dollars in investments and range from companies with as few as five employees to those that have scaled into the hundreds

Salesforce Built for Your Startup

When startups work with CloudKettle, we deliver a Salesforce implementation that is already customized with the features that you need; custom fields and workflows to enable renewals, reports and dashboards tailored to fast scaling companies and free integrations like FieldTrip already installed and configured. Plus, because we frequently implement Salesforce for startups and have been able to standardize a template for them, your configuration and setup costs less.

What is the Salesforce for Startups program?

Salesforce for Startups is a free program run by Salesforce that provides access to the technology, tools and expertise startups need to scale.

The program helps startups build the entire stack they need to acquire and nurture leads with marketing activities, convert those leads into sales and keep those customers happy so that churn is low and renewal rates are high.

Need to know more? Check out the Salesforce for Startups FAQ page here or check out the success other startups are having with the program here.


But We Are Already Using Salesforce

No problem. Many of our clients come to us, often after closing a round, because they need to scale how their organization takes advantage of the Salesforce platform. They are ready to double or triple their sales team, they are integrating a marketing automation platform to generate leads and they need to improve how they provide support to their growing customer base. We know what it takes to do all of this and we won’t waste your time convincing you to use features that a growing SaaS company doesn’t need.

Wondering how we can help you grow your company with Salesforce?

Dan Stratton

"Recently we used CloudKettle to help our CRM migration from HubSpot over to Salesforce. Despite the API limitation of HubSpot on the CRM side (as well as some wonkiness in our data) the guys at CloudKettle were able to quickly and accurately migrate our data over to our new Salesforce instance. Their work not only saved us numerous headaches from doing it ourselves but came in under the budget we had allocated for this endeavour."

Dan Stratton – Director of Marketing, Affinio

Milan Vrekic

"CloudKettle is one of the rare companies that understand the whole cycle of marketing and selling technology online and how the use of CRMs and marketing automation tools maximize revenue. If you are selling products online - you need CloudKettle."

Milan Vrekic - Founder at Zora

Michael Brown

“Swept is growing quickly and we need to surround ourselves with people who understand what we are going through. We refuse to have someone slap us on the back and say we are doing a great job when it is clear we can improve. CloudKettle is able to cut through the fluff, help us pin down key messaging and keep sales team members focused and hunting effectively. They challenge us to think bigger, sell more, and move faster. CloudKettle is part of the Swept team.”

Michael Brown - CEO, Swept

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultants, Administrators, Platform Developers and part of the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

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