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CRM and Salesforce Expertise

There are dozens of well known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to choose from and most promise easy, off-the-shelf use. But even choosing the right CRM can be a complicated process and once that is done, there is training and customization to ensure it fits the needs of your organization.

We first began using CRM’s and Salesforce over a decade ago. CloudKettle’s President Greg Poirier, was a member of the Radian6 team that was acquired by Salesforce, and had the privilege of working for the company and using their own product as an employee. We have years of experience helping organizations select and implement CRM’s successfully.

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Discovery and Planning

Choosing and implementing a CRM is complicated and can be intimidating. The most critical part of that process is discovering what organizational requirements there are that will not be available in the off-the-shelf (OTS) version of the CRM and how these customizations can be done in a manner that balances upfront costs with long-term gains in productivity.  

At the same time, organizations need to make the difficult decisions about what processes internally will need to change in order to get the most out of their new CRM. After all, if nothing had to change in the organization, they wouldn’t need a CRM in the first place.

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Customization and Integrations

Customizing a CRM by adding industry and organizational specific fields, workflows and other features add long term value and help tailor a great product to add even more value for users.

Additionally, it is often the case that there are pre-existing tools, like accounting packages, marketing automation and customer support software that just make sense to integrate with a new CRM. In many cases, these integrations can be done at a low cost, saving time for departments like Accounting, Finance and Marketing on an ongoing basis.

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Training and Onboarding

Successfully introducing a new CRM to an organization requires change. One of the most common reasons that CRM implementations fail or companies do not gain the ROI that was originally hoped for, is that the tool is “pushed down” onto employees, without sufficient explanation as to how this will make their workday better and with little or no training. 

At a minimum, several days of employee training, ideally onsite, is needed for any CRM implementation to be successful. When you are introducing a new CRM to your employees, you are asking them to change the way they do their jobs and that is something that deserves an investment of time and energy.

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Salesforce Administration and Account Maintenance

Software as a Service (SaaS) products save organizations time and money because the day-to-day maintenance of keeping a stable, secure product up and running are the responsibility of the experts that built it. 

But CRM implementations don’t take care of themselves. Over time organizations have new reporting needs, new CRM features may be introduced, plug-ins may require updates and new employees may need training. There are many reasons why it makes sense to retain the services of a Salesforce Administrator to keep your CRM in top shape. 

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Getting Broken CRM Implementations Back on Track

Many CRM implementations either fail to take off at the outset, or slowly degrade over time. Perhaps employees were never trained properly at launch, or maybe the internal champion left the organization and excitement for the tool went with it. 

Whatever the reason, many organizations need help kickstarting an existing CRM implementation back into high gear. The money has been invested, the licenses purchased and you know you need a CRM to operate effectively. Why not get some outside help to get your project back on track?

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