How CloudKettle Helps Startups

Salesforce Implementations and Administration

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we specialize in implementing and customizing Salesforce for B2B SaaS companies. We implement Salesforce at organizations where no CRM previously existed, replace legacy CRMs, or improve the ROI of your current Salesforce implementation. In addition to implementations, we also act as an organization’s Salesforce Administrator; helping you maintain and monitor your Salesforce instance.

Our team of CRM veterans will also help you get the maximum return on your investment in Salesforce by integrating it with other tools like, Hubspot, Gainsight, CPQs, even your own SaaS product that you use every day.

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How to implement salesforce

Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Leads that are generated from Inbound Marketing and then accelerated with Marketing Automation can improve the effectiveness of marketing dollars and aid Sales teams. We implement Marketing Automation platforms, oversee migration to new platforms,  or leverage legacy platforms that were not being used to their full potential.We combine that with an Inbound Marketing strategy that focuses on creating relevant content that adds value for your users.

This allows us to optimize lead capture and build nurture Marketing Automation campaigns, prepping leads and ensuring Sales is alerted in Salesforce when those hot leads are ready to work.


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How to integrate lead generation and marketing automation with Salesforce

Customer Success & Support

Negative churn is the holy grail of the SaaS world. We implement Customer Success strategies centered around: faster resolution, reporting, and insights for operations to decrease churn. Not to mention, help you build a better product by analyzing customer feedback and increase upselling and cross selling.

How do we do that? By integrating your customer support tools like, Service cloud, or Intercom with your Salesforce CRM and your own SaaS product. Know who is at risk of churning and what customers should be cross-sold and upsold. All in real time.

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How to integrate customer success with Salesforce

SEO and Conversion Optimization for Websites

We help our clients drive more traffic to their websites with online advertising, SEO and track attribution, from the first click through to the sale. From the beginning of the funnel; ensuring your content is structured to deliver the best SEO value possible and encourage conversions. To building a strategy around the set of terms you want to rank for and creating segmented landing pages for your specific audiences.

Our data driven PPC management and SEO optimization services help you increase visibility so quality leads find you first.

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Marketing and Sales Audits for Investors

We provide Sales and Marketing audits of organizations for Venture Capitalists, Investment Funds and private investors considering investment. These include on-site interviews with key team members, reviews of analytics, logs and data. As well as, reviews of forecasts to determine if they are realistic for the stage of the organization, their sales pipeline and the abilities of existing team members.

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Sales and Marketing Audits for investors
Kylee Hall

“We reached out to CloudKettle because our Salesforce instance had been a series of internal patchwork efforts and we needed a major overhaul. It was obvious from our first call that CloudKettle knows what they’re doing. They think about every detail in order to execute and build the most efficient system and workflows possible. Not only can they get in the weeds, but they’ve helped us think strategically to achieve our goals.”

Kylee Hall – VP, Marketing, Skillz Inc.

Will Martin

“CloudKettle’s training and expertise were essential to mapping out a systematic sales process to support WoodsCamp today and as we scale. As a marketplace working in an environment of complex customer relationships that requires simultaneous B2C and B2B sales strategies they committed the extra time to make sure the training and tools fit what we would actually need. It was also really valuable to be working with a team that has actually done it before. Knowing that they have been in trenches of early startup life as founders and have also worked with some of the largest companies, made a huge difference in trusting their advice. After working with CloudKettle I feel like I am standing on a solid foundation to lead our sales process now and I know I’ll be calling on them again as we grow.”

Will Martin – Co-founder, WoodsCamp

Darren Piercey

“We are at a stage where we need to develop a more strategic marketing and sales strategy that will increases the number of new leads we generate each week, decrease the cost per lead, and increase sales. The CloudKettle team introduced us to the power of integrating a number of marketing and sales tools that will be a game changer for us.”

Darren Piercey – Founder & CEO, CyberPsyc Software Solutions Inc.

Dan Stratton

“Recently we used CloudKettle to help our CRM migration from HubSpot over to Salesforce. Despite the API limitation of HubSpot on the CRM side (as well as some wonkiness in our data) the guys at CloudKettle were able to quickly and accurately migrate our data over to our new Salesforce instance. Their work not only saved us numerous headaches from doing it ourselves but came in under the budget we had allocated for this endeavour.”

Dan Stratton – Director of Marketing, Affinio