Marketing Automation Readiness Checklist

Marketing automation has many benefits and can provide a fantastic return on investment. But it doesn’t work for every organization, there are pre-requisites to achieving marketing automation, inbound marketing and content marketing success.

This checklist will help you determine if your organization is ready to invest in marketing automation.

Assess your availability and ability to:

  • Properly staff your efforts
  • Create content
  • Harness your CRM
  • Grow a newsletter audience

All on an easy to print one-page document.

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Dan Stratton Headshot
"Recently we used CloudKettle to help our CRM migration from HubSpot over to Salesforce. Despite the API limitation of HubSpot on the CRM side (as well as some wonkiness in our data) the guys at CloudKettle were able to quickly and accurately migrate our data over to our new Salesforce instance. Their work not only saved us numerous headaches from doing it ourselves but came in under the budget we had allocated for this endeavour." Dan Stratton – Director of Marketing, Affinio