A CRO's Guide To Revenue & Reporting

In this ebook, we cover why Chief Revenue Officer is the hottest title in SaaS right now, and how its rise is connected to the Revenue Stack.

B2B SaaS companies face high customer acquisition costs; making renewals, upselling, and decreasing churn essential. To enable better decisions that decrease churn, someone needs to have a bird’s eye view of all revenue generating activities within the company.

The Chief Revenue Officer has become more popular, in part, because companies have realized that siloing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success doesn’t work for subscription-based revenue models. Understanding holistically how your organization generates revenue is necessary to optimize and reinvest correctly.

Inside, we cover:

  • How to link the outbound world of Salesforce to web activity for more accurate ROI of marketing tactics
  • How to measure campaign attribution using Salesforce Campaigns
  • Why B2B remarketing is key to sales velocity
  • How to use marketing automation to warm a customer in advance of their renewal

We hope you find this eBook helpful. If you have any questions, reach out today.


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"Recently we used CloudKettle to help our CRM migration from HubSpot over to Salesforce. Despite the API limitation of HubSpot on the CRM side (as well as some wonkiness in our data) the guys at CloudKettle were able to quickly and accurately migrate our data over to our new Salesforce instance. Their work not only saved us numerous headaches from doing it ourselves but came in under the budget we had allocated for this endeavour." Dan Stratton – Director of Marketing, Affinio